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Home Theatre System, AV Receivers, Speakers, Headphones, Audio Docks from Top Brand Names

Home theater products are becoming increasingly popular for their sound and image associated with higher quality that allows the consumer to have nearly a home theater experience. This group of products, in the past has also been noted as sound units, consists of a series of elements that share Common features of high quality and strong visual component of audio (stereo TV, DVD,VCR, etc.).

The group of home theater products can be divided into two categories: AV receivers and home theater systems. AV receivers are essentially an amplifier with a high-tuner, which is the control center of the other components such as LED TV, Bluray DVD, stereo, etc. The receivers are also available with built-in DVD player and / or digital signal to a decoder or built-in set-top drawers. The home theater systems that include an AV cover receiver and powered subwoofer speaker system for all. This product category almost another has always integrated a DVD player and can include components such as digital decoders c. to d. in the set-top boxes.

The main characteristics that define home theater system are that all components are powered from a single source of lead. It should be noted that manufacturers and retailers sometimes package individual components together, calling them "home theater system." These not fall into the home theater system tire category. At Exeltek, you will not find these practices rather we follow industry trends in servicing our customers and we deal only with branded items like Samsung Home Theatre Systems, Yamaha Home Theatre Systems, Yamaha AV / Home Theatre Receiver, Yamaha Stereo Receivers, Yamaha Tuner, Yamaha CD Players.

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