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For the best Samsung unlocked android phones, choose Exeltek

Samsung is definitely one of the most popular choices when it comes to buying android mobile phone devices from Exeltek. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 proved to be another reason why Samsung continues to dominate the market and generate attention, both from the media and the customers.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 currently sits at the Galaxy S throne and is now one of the bestselling high-end unlocked Android smartphones in the world.

Was it worth the wait? Let’s check if the Galaxy S5 hype is real and worth your consideration. 

Physical features of the latest smartphone android – Samsung Galaxy S5


Galaxy S5 continues the tradition of the Galaxy S series sleek and stylish appearance. Now made even better by its water tight and dust resistance body, you can even use it in the kitchen sink or outside in the rain!
Looking at the back of the phone, we can tell that Samsung has put extra attention on the texture of the phone. The dotted soft touch leather-like texture enhances the overall touch and luxury feel of the Galaxy S5.


The screen is slightly bigger (5.1") than its predecessor Galaxy S4 (5.0"), while maintaining a comfortable grip size. 

Performance capabilities

Under the bonnet, the Galaxy S5 gets even faster with a more powerful 2.5Ghz quad core processor, to ensure the phone can handle the extra loads from the plethora of new features such as the heart rate sensor, fitness tracker and fingerprint scanner.

We find that everything feels snappier and more responsive, with less lag in between, when navigating around the menu. It's safe to say that the Galaxy S5 has delivered a notable improvement in its performance and aesthetic attributes over its predecessor, giving us solid reasons to upgrade from the previous model. 

Upgrade your technology; buy a Samsung smartphone android from Exeltek today!

You can be sure of great prices on all Samsung mobile phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note series, when you shop with Exeltek. The same applies for any other unlocked mobile phones or smartphone in our range, so browse our collection online now!

We are an authorised reseller of Samsung Mobile Phones and Smartphones in Australia. We source all of our Samsung mobile phones and smartphones locally from Samsung Australia, which means that the handsets come with an official manufacturer’s warranty.

For genuine, original android smartphones from Samsung, buy online from Exeltek to enjoy complete peace of mind. For more information, contact us today!


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