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Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung is one of the pioneers in mobile phones devices. Currently Samsung Galaxy S 2 is having a lot of attention, both from the media and the customers. The Galaxy S 2 device is the new flagship of Samsung, the legitimate heir of the Samsung Galaxy S throne. And now it is the best-selling high-end of Android devices in the world, but is it worth? We're trying to see if the Galaxy S 2 hype is of any real and worth its consideration.

Physical Features of the Samsung Galaxy S 2

Galaxy S 2 is not only sleek but very stylish in appearance. There is no over-abundance of unique design in the shape or contour of the device itself, but its torque profile ultra thin with a large screen and a little sharper edges work together and create an aura Class minimalist.

That being said we actually didn't find the Galaxy S 2 all that difficult to hold. We've read more than one review that has commented on a noticeable discomfort when holding the GS2 in the hand, but we experienced none of this. That isn't to say it was a pleasure to grip, it's nothing special in that department when compared to curvier handsets, especially those with soft-touch material on their rear plates. But the Galaxy S 2 was definitely not uncomfortable either, and the sides actually did offer a decent amount of grip, if not in too much abundance.

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