AlcoSense Precision Fuel Cell Breathalyser

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AlcoSense Precision Fuel Cell Breathalyser

Australian Standard Approved

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Genuine Australian model with 1 Year Official Manufacturer's Warranty in Australia, from an Australian retailer!

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1. Buying Australian model equals peace of mind, knowing that your product is covered by local manufacturer's warranty via the authorised repair center in Australia. 
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3. Guaranteed all genuine accessories & attachments. We do not practice substituting genuine accessories with the cheaper 3rd party aftermarket. 

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Quick Overview:

A serious breathalyser for serious environment. The Alcosense Precision is designed to meet the stringent requirements of Australian standard in precision breathtesting device. The Precision is able to indicate fine B.A.C. (blood alcohol content) reading of full 3 decimals. It has also been designed to stay accurate with high volume of breath testing before needing recalibration.


Law Enforcement Grade (Fuel Cell Technology)

Perfect for law enforcement, medical and industrial use.

The AlcoSense Precision is a state of the art instrument used to detect Ethyl Alcohol from a valid breath sample.

The AlcoSense Precision uses an electrochemical fuel cell to measure the concentration of alcohol from exhaled human breath precisely and accurately. It is a highly accurate, 4-digit reading platinum electrochemical fuel cell sensor digital breathalyser with advanced SONIX micro controller technology. If alcohol is present, a corresponding voltage is generated from the fuel cell, which is proportional to the alcohol content of the sample provided by a human subject. This voltage is then sent to the micro controller to calculate and display a subject’s %BAC.

Andatech AlcoSense Precision has direct and passive mode, non-invasive test where no mouthpiece is needed. User can speak or breathe in the slot for mouthpieces. It is perfect application for law enforcement, work place safety, schools, alcohol treatment, emergency room, medical professional.

Features :

- Australian Standard AS3547 certified
- Law enforcement grade breathalyser 
- High grade platinum electrochemical fuel cell sensor 
- High level of accuracy with 4-digit reading 
- Bright Blue LED display
- ideal for Professional, workplace safety, medical, and industrial use

Andatech AlcoSense Precision has direct and passive mode, non-invasive test where no mouthpiece is needed. User can speak or breathe in and through the slot for mouthpieces.

It is perfect application for law enforcement, work place safety, schools, alcohol treatment, emergency room, medical professional. At the request of the Technical Services Laboratory Traffic Alcohol Section (Victorian Police Force) we sent an AlcoSense Precision over to them for testing. This was not a routine check of our products, rather to ensure that the Police are aware of what is happening in the market. For this reason it was tested in house at the lab and returned great results or durability and accuracy. Of course the Police Force cannot endorse a product, but you won’t find many other companies who can make such a claim about their product. Andatech is all about great quality, and trustworthy instruments, having this unit tested further even after the rigours of Australian Standards indicates we are still setting the bar higher and higher it a great product to have on the market. 

Main Features :

  • Completed Australian Standard AS3547 Type 2 Quantitative Device Tested by Law Enforcer in Australia with satisfactory results.
  • High accuracy and hi-tech electrochemical sensor used in all police breathlaysers.
  • Cutting-edge US technology Very low price in comparison with other electrochemical breathalysers
  • Short response time <10 seconds, even with a high concentration of alcohol
  • Fast recovery time: 3 sec. when the reading is 0.000 %
  • Reacts only to alcohol; Long term stability; Large, visible, backlit in blue display with simple and plain-text
  • Easy handling Quick and easy to use with or without mouthpiece
  • Long life time of the sensor
  • Controlling system for measuring the blow time given by a signalling sound
  • The test is carried out automatically and manually Compact and light weight hand-held device


  • For drivers as a self-control device
  • For drivers involved in the transportation industry such as bus drivers, tram drivers,aircrew, maritime and railway employees
  • To check the operators of wheel-loaders, cranes and other heavy or dangerous equipment operators For security guard companies and health agencies
  • For pubs, restaurants, hotels where there is a need for a highly accurate and reliable breathalyser To check morning after residual amounts of alcohol.

12 Months Andatech Warranty

For warranty or recalibration service please visit: http://www.andatech.com.au/support-center/ or contact Andatech on 1300 800 200

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Indication of B.A.C (Full 3 decimals) 0.000 to 0.500% B.A.C by LCD Display
Accuracy +/- 0.005 % BAC
Warning Up Below 3 seconds
Response time 3-5 Seconds
Mouth piece Precision mouthpieces (available from us)
Sensor Electrochemical Fuel Cell
Power supply Four 1.5V "AAA" Alkaline batteries
Weight 150g (Including batteries)
Dimension (mm) 55 x 140 x 30 mm
Colour Silver and Black
Calibration 12 Months
Remark Auto power off, Battery Low indication, Optional printer connectible with print-out result