All Australian models with local manufacturer warranty

All of our mobiles phones are Genuine Australian A-Tick approved stock with official Manufacturer's warranty in Australia which end-users can claim throughout any manufacturer's authorised service centers in Australia.

Please be aware that websites which do not specify that their mobile phones have manufacturer warranty in Australia are usually  the overseas model and not the genuine Australian A Tick models.  They are genearally lower in price however contain serveral disadvantages,  including unofficial warranty provided by the store itself or a third party, exclusion of GST on your tax invoice and overseas AC charger.

Hints to identify whether they are genuine Australian Stock on websites:

  • Specify its origin
  • Specify if any network tied (Locked/Unlocked)
  • Extremely low price-
  • Is there any contact number for the site? 
  •  "Australia warranty" could mean that the warranty will just take place in       Australia (e.g.: store warranty) but not with the authorised repair centre from the manufacturer.(e.g.: "1 year Nokia Australia Warranty" will be said for Australian Model instead.

The above are some of the most useful hints to help identify whether it is genuine Australian stock as overseas mobile phone are generally considered to be a high risk.