Coway Slow Cold Press Juicer Juicepresso - Black

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  • Coway Slow Cold Press Juicer Juicepresso - Black

Coway Slow Cold Press Juicer Juicepresso - Black

Authorised Australian Model, 2 Years Warranty

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$425.00 inc GST

SKU #CJP-01-black

Genuine Australian model with 2 Years Official Manufacturer's Warranty in Australia, from an Australian retailer!

Australian model means that the product is sourced from the local manufacturer's authorised channel, not parallel imports from grey market.

What it means for you:

1. Buying Australian model equals peace of mind, knowing that your product is covered by local manufacturer's warranty via the authorised repair center in Australia. 
In the event of warranty claim, authorised service center will service your unit with original parts and high quality works as originally intended by the manufacturers. 

2. The product complies with Australian standard, safety regulation and conditions. A-tick approved on all mobile phones & smartphones.  

3. Guaranteed all genuine accessories & attachments. We do not practice substituting genuine accessories with the cheaper 3rd party aftermarket. 

4. Buying from the authorised Australian channel also means you are dealing with a business which is bound by Australian Consumer Protection law. This means your right as a consumer is protected. When you deal with parallel importers or overseas-based entity, you may be out of luck if they simply decide not to honour what they promised. 

5. Someone to speak to in relation to your sales and after sales enquiries.

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Quick Overview:
The Juicepresso extracts a higher yield of juice, maximum nutrients and full, natural flavours from fruits and vegetables, giving you healthier and more nutritious juice than traditional juicers. Versatile, silent, energy-efficient, easy to clean and compact, the Juicepresso is the best juicer to get for your home and family.

Why JuicePresso?

Coway Juicer Juice Presso is a perfect combination of innovative technology and advanced engineering. Our innovative SES (Smart Extraction System) technology and user centered design set a new standard. The Coway JuicePresso uses Coway's patented Low Speed Technology System. The Coway Juice Presso slowly and gently presses out the juice keeping more of the super nutritions enzymes, minerals, vitamins and favors alive and well. Everyday is a Juice party with JuicePresso. Keeping your family healthy!

Low Speed Juicing for Maximum Nutrition and Taste
The JuicePresso's unique Smart Extraction System (S.E.S) extracts maximum nutrients and flavour from fruit, vegetables and leafy greens, making it the best juicer you can buy for a home.

Live, Nutritious Juice
The Coway's JuicePresso slowly and gently presses out the juice-keeping more of the super nutritious enzymes, minerals and vitamins alive and well. Get all of nature's nutrition from fruits, veggies, nuts and legumes! It even works as a wheat grass juicer!

Low-noise Operation
Minimize the noise by squeezing slowly rather than grinding with fast speed.

Quick and easy cleaning
Cleaning the JuicePresso couldn't be quicker or easier - just rinse with water when switching to a different fruit or vegetable.

Continuous Extraction System
The JuicePresso automatically ejects all of the peel and pulp as it juices - letting you enjoy a constant flow of pure juice without the inconvenience of stopping to remove blockages.

Grinding or chopping destroys much of the nutrition in juice. JuicePresso is a cold press juicer that maintains nature's taste, fragrance and natural color and nutrition as it is.

2 Year Coway Australia Warranty

For warranty and technical support, please contact Andatech (Coway Distributor in Australia) on 1300 800 200 or support@andatech.com.au

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Information contained on this page is correct at time of posting. Product information is taken directly from Coway official website. Exeltek is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information.

*Stock availability indicator is a guide only. whilst we try our best to make it as accurate as much as possible, sometimes discrepancy occurs due to system errors or missing stock. Some of our products are also warehoused offsite. If you wish to collect from our store or needing the item urgently, please kindly give us a call prior to your visit so we may confirm it for you.

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Model No

Juicepresso (CJP-01)


240 V


60 Hz

Power Consumption

150 W


40 rpm

Cord Length

1.4 m (4.5 ft)


Single-Phase Induction (D/C)


250 v 5 A


6.4 kg (14.1 lb)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

140 x 194 x 306 mm (5.5 x 7.6 x 12 inches)

Rated Usage

Less than 20 minutes continuously