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Ergodex DX1 Input System - Build your own customised keyboard!


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Quick Overview:
Ergodex DX1 USB Input System is a completely personalised computer interface, with individual programmable keys which you can move anywhere on the pad, making it the ultimate of custom key input system.

Ergodex DX1 Input System - Performance at Your Fingertips

A Completely Personalised Computer Interface

Keyboard keys placement are too cramped? Some keys hard to reach? Imagine if you could build your own customised keyboard. Not only limited to assigning different keys to different functions, you can also move the keys anywhere you like on the surface pad. Rule the competition by building a controller to fit the shape of your hand.

"The DX1 Input System was built with you in mind. Simply put, all you do is stick the keys where you want and then tell the DX1 what you want each key to do. It can be one command, it can be a string of commands - you now have the freedom to configure your ideal keyboard.

The 25 included buttons stick to the Tray in any configuration. And, if you change your mind or mess up, they are removable and moveable – just twist off and restick. The Tray is clear, so you can make your own backgrounds. Maybe you'll label your buttons, maybe you'll slide in artwork – the choice is yours. And the two permanent little buttons let you bring up the DX1 control panel and assign/record macros on the fly. That's right: you can be in-game, realize you need a new key, stick it down, assign it a command or macro, and keep playing.

The DX1 works with any program and can remember a different set of macros for each program you use! You could stick down the keys and without changing anything other than the program you are using, they would serve as a pallet of commands in Photoshop, a squadron of macros for your favorite RTS, and your perfect arsenal for your fraggiest FPS! With the DX1, your competitors will hit 1 button to fire at you, while you'll hit 1 button to fire, switch weapons, fire again, duck, switch back to your original weapon, and reload! Ultimate power and ultimate control is now at your fingertips."


DX1 Input System includes personal interface Pad, Key Tray, 25 DX1 movable Keys (numbered 1 to 25), and Ergodex Manager software CD. Key Tray holds Keys. Pad communicates wirelessly with Keys.

DX1 Keys have no wires, no batteries. Position Keys anywhere on Pad's active area to fit your hand.

Record Macros "on the fly" from standard keyboard, compose your own Macros, or import Macros using Ergodex Manager. Four types of Macros: Single Key, Multi Key, Text Block, or File Launch Macros.

Change Macro/Key assignments anytime. Move Keys anywhere. Unique sticky surface firmly attaches Keys to Tray. Arrange in logical neighborhoods.

Superior control with high reliability and no lag time.

Come with 2 sheets of pre-printed Key top labels.

Pad communicates with computer via USB.
Pad approximately 23.8 x 28 cm (9.4 x 11 in). Active area approximately 17 x 24 cm (6.6 x 9.4 in).

Arrange the keys to your most comfortable position!


PC Requirements:

Software: Windows 2000 SP3 or Windows XP.

Hardware: Intel Pentium 2, 350 MHz or equivalent.
USB port with USB 1.1 or later.

*Introduced at the Game Developers Conference this spring, the DX1 was given a "Must Have" award by Tom's Hardware Guide.

Optional Accessories

- Get DX1 Extra Key Set #2 (numbered 26-50)

  1. As a left-handed guy, I've been trying hard to find a perfect keyboard which will accomodate my needs, not until I discover this Ergodex thingy. Review by Bobby Lim

    As a left-handed guy, I've been trying hard to find a perfect keyboard which will accomodate my needs, not until I discover this Ergodex thingy. After reading lots of review, I ordered it.
    Got my DX1 just in 1 day after I ordered (I'm in Sydney and Exeltek is in Melbourne), sweet!
    I configured it to play Battlefield 2 right away as soon as I opened it. Installation was smooth, setup was no big deal. Best part was when I reprogram each keys to accomodate my needs, this thing does it on the fly! I just press the record button, press the corresponding key on the keyboard I want to assign it to, and press the blank key on the Ergodex. Done! No alt-tabbing as with many gaming pads out there. The most time I spent was on the positioning on each keys, coz I kept changing my mind trying to find the most optimised position. Now I can do jump, throw grenades and strafe with just pressing one key, and with my right hand! Although for my wallet it was bloody expensive, I reckon it was worthed my money. Highly recommended for fellow lefties! (Posted on 10/05/2006)

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