Livescribe Echo Smartpen 2GB

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  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen 2GB
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen 2GB
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen 2GB
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen 2GB
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen 2GB
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen 2GB

Livescribe Echo Smartpen - 2GB

Brand New Genuine Livescribe Product

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Genuine Australian model with 1 Year Official Manufacturer's Warranty in Australia, from an Australian retailer!

Australian model means that the product is sourced from the local manufacturer's authorised channel, not parallel imports from grey market.

What it means for you:

1. Buying Australian model equals peace of mind, knowing that your product is covered by local manufacturer's warranty via the authorised repair center in Australia. 
In the event of warranty claim, authorised service center will service your unit with original parts and high quality works as originally intended by the manufacturers. 

2. The product complies with Australian standard, safety regulation and conditions. A-tick approved on all mobile phones & smartphones.  

3. Guaranteed all genuine accessories & attachments. We do not practice substituting genuine accessories with the cheaper 3rd party aftermarket. 

4. Buying from the authorised Australian channel also means you are dealing with a business which is bound by Australian Consumer Protection law. This means your right as a consumer is protected. When you deal with parallel importers or overseas-based entity, you may be out of luck if they simply decide not to honour what they promised. 

5. Someone to speak to in relation to your sales and after sales enquiries.

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Quick Overview:
The Echo 2GB Smartpen from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your notes, so you can find what you need.


  • Captures thousands of pages of notes / up to 200 hrs of audio
  • Built-in microphone to capture audio directly onto the Echo smartpen 
  • Review, organise and share notes with Echo Desktop on Mac / Windows 
  • Instant play back of your recorded audio by tapping on your notes
  • Conduct selective searches in your digitalised notes
  • Micro USB connector
  • Ergonomic grip design for extra comfort
  • Replaceable ink tip
  • Notepad and USB cable included 
  • Smartpen accessories are available for this smartpen

The Echo 2GB Smartpen from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your notes, so you can find what you need. 

With Livescribe Echo you don't have to remember anything. Simply find what you need from your notes with a simple tap! Ideal for meetings, conferences, classes and lectures, this compact tool is as easy to carry around as the traditional pen-and-paper, but much smarter and convenient. Digitalise and save your written notes, and replay your recorded audio anytime, anywhere, with a quick tap on your notes.

Transfers notes and audio to your computer and recharges your smartpen using the Micro USB connection. Using Echo Desktop Software, you can upload, save and play back your notes and audio from your PC or Mac. Type in specific words or phrases in the search window and the Echo Desktop will highlight every place you wrote them in your notes. Plus, you can organise your digital notes simply by dragging and dropping pages into custom notebooks.

Optional: MyScript for Livescribe software is available for purchase online.  A software add-on that allows you to quickly convert 1 or many pages of hand written notes into editable digital text.  Note, this software is included with the Livescribe Echo 8GB). 

Livescribe Echo 2GB Smartpen is particularly suitable for:

  • Executive assistants, company secretaries, project managers, financial planners
  • Students and teachers who don't necessarily need A4 paper and would prefer a compact A5 size compendium that holds both pen and paper
  • Mobile workers - if you're on the move during the business day, from meeting to meeting, then this is an ideal option for you

Note: All specifications and Package contents are subject to change without notice. Please check with Livecribe to confirm Specifications. Product information is taken directly from the official Livescribe website and is correct at the time of posting. Exeltek is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information. 

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12 Months Manufacturer Warranty in Australia