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Nokia CR-200 Wireless Charging Car Holder suits Nokia Lumia 720, 820, 920, 925

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$79.00 inc GST

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Genuine Australian model with 1 Year Official Manufacturer's Warranty in Australia, from an Australian retailer!

Australian model means that the product is sourced from the local manufacturer's authorised channel, not parallel imports from grey market.

What it means for you:

1. Buying Australian model equals peace of mind, knowing that your product is covered by local manufacturer's warranty via the authorised repair center in Australia. 
In the event of warranty claim, authorised service center will service your unit with original parts and high quality works as originally intended by the manufacturers. 

2. The product complies with Australian standard, safety regulation and conditions. A-tick approved on all mobile phones & smartphones.  

3. Guaranteed all genuine accessories & attachments. We do not practice substituting genuine accessories with the cheaper 3rd party aftermarket. 

4. Buying from the authorised Australian channel also means you are dealing with a business which is bound by Australian Consumer Protection law. This means your right as a consumer is protected. When you deal with parallel importers or overseas-based entity, you may be out of luck if they simply decide not to honour what they promised. 

5. Someone to speak to in relation to your sales and after sales enquiries.

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Quick Overview:

Replaced by Nokia CR-201: http://www.exeltek.com.au/nokia-cr-201-wireless-charging-car-holder-suits-nokia-lumia-1020-1320-1520

Buy Nokia Wireless Car Holder CR-200 (-> Replaced by CR-201: http://www.exeltek.com.au/nokia-cr-201-wireless-charging-car-holder-suits-nokia-lumia-1020-1320-1520)

This Car Holder provides wireless charging for your Nokia Wireless Charging Handset for convenient operation. 
Wireless charging means you don't have to fiddle around with the charging connector/socket anymore. 

Extra Strong Suction Cup Windscreen Mount. It also supports landscape and portrait orientations.

Integrated NFC technology launches applications upon docking.

With integrated NFC Technology, the phone senses that it has been placed on the car holder. Then tap your phone on the NFC logo on the car holder to launch Car App or another application of your choice. Car App shows the time, weather, battery status and shortcuts to three of your favourite apps.

Sleek and minimalistic design to match your handset.

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  • Dimensions
    • Length: 117.35 mm
    • Width: 74.7 mm
    • Thickness: 101.61 mm
    • Weight: 165 g
    • Diameter: 64.2 mm
    • Cable length: 100 cm
  • Environmental features
    • Materials: Free of PVC, Free of nickel on the product surface
    • Energy efficiency: Minimal standby consumption 
    • Packaging: Made of renewable materials, Packaging is 100 % recyclable
    • Product is recyclable (up to): 100% recoverable as materials and energy 
    • User guide: Small printed guide, full on nokia.com 
  • Connectivity
    • Wireless charger: Yes 
    • Wireless charging: No 
    • Charging connectors: 2.5 mm Charging Connector 
    • Bluetooth: No Bluetooth 
    • Wi-Fi: No Wi-Fi 
  • User Interface
    • UI features: Accessory application framework AAF, Charging indicator
  • Power
    • Charger standby consumption: Less than 150 mW 
    • Charger output current: 750.0 mA
    • Charger input voltage: 12 - 24 V DC 
    • Charger output voltage: 12.0 V
  • Power Management
    • Wireless charging standard: Qi 
  • Physical features and interface
    • Mounting locations: Dashboard, Windscreen
    • LED indicators: Charging indicator LED 
    • Mounting types: Suction cup