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Samsung HW-F850 Premium Airtrack Soundbar with Vacuum Tube

With Premium Carbon Nano Tube Speaker

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Genuine Australian model with 1 Year Official Manufacturer's Warranty in Australia, from an Australian retailer!

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Quick Overview:

The Samsung Home Theatre System HW-F850 is Samsung's top of the range in their Airtrack soundbar series. With the sleek form factor, designed to complement larger television sets and equipped with higher grade components to deliver even more powerful and better sounds. The HW-F850 utilises Carbon Nano Tube speakers to deliver finer sound details and larger 8" subwoofer unit (1.5" bigger compared to HW-F751) to produce even deeper bass. If you have NFC enabled device, sending the audio output from your device is quick and easy with HW-F850's NFC enabled bluetooth connectivity. Now you can enjoy cinema quality audio without cables cluttering your entertainment room.

Note: This item is on pre-order from Samsung Australia. ETA Mid September 2013. Place your order now to get the item delivered as soon as it lands in Australia.

Enjoying a movie at home is great, but sometimes you want a complete cinematic experience… even on the couch. The Samsung AirTrack gives you an immersive experience without compromising on sleek design!

The Samsung AirTrack HW-F850 is the perfect complement to your Samsung Smart TV and allows you to enjoy rich, immersive sound for all of your home entertainment. Given its slim design, the AirTrack can lie horizontally on your home entertainment center or be wall mounted to ensure that you’re efficiently using all of the space around you. It has built-in wireless capabilities, so you won’t clutter your space with unnecessary and unsightly wires.

To deliver incredible sound quality, the AirTrack has these features:

• Vacuum Tube: This built-in feature produces a warm and rich sound by enhancing the element of harmony while reducing ambient noise.

• SoundShare: This feature makes setup clean and effortless, as you can easily synchronize your TV to the AirTrack’s Bluetooth sensor. You can enjoy an immersive entertainment experience because you can focus on the sounds rather than the clutter of a messy setup.

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  • 4 way 6 speakers
  • NFC Bluetooth
  • 8" Wireless Subwoofer
  • HDMI in/outOptical
  • Premium Aluminium Design
  • Vacuum Tube
  • Auto sound calibration