Samsung MX-FS9000 Giga Sound System for Party, DJ and Karaoke

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Samsung MX-FS9000 Giga Sound System for Party, DJ and Karaoke

The Perfect Machine for Partying

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Quick Overview:
Be the DJ of your party with the ultra powerful 2560 Watts RMS Samsung MX-FS9000 Giga Sound system. The combination of 8" 1280 watts front speaker power and 15" Subwoofer will surely shake the floor of your living room. Make your living room into the ultimate partying pad with the Samsung MX-FS9000 Premium Hi-fi Component Sound System. Microphone input for Karaoke function is also available.
  • The perfect party atmosphere anywhere
  • Be the DJ of your party
  • Power and sound to move the party
  • Transform your living room to a stadium

The Perfect party atmosphere anywhere

Get the party started with the Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System’s Beat Waving and 3D Beat Lighting. Visualise the high-wattage sound and experience superior sound quality. See and feel the rhythm and beat through Beat Waving which illuminates the speaker in sync with the music. 3D Beat Lighting perfectly flashes lights and patterns that flow with the music, transforming any party place to the atmosphere of your favorite club.

Be the DJ of your party

Who said you can’t have everything? The Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System gives you the perfect opportunity to be the DJ of your own party. Now hosting a party at home is easier than ever. Share and mix your music with the seven different effect modes like Flanger, Chorus, WahWah and Panning that can also play multiple effects simultaneously. The feature is easy to use and is designed for you to freely control each effect to enhance the sound of the music and party. Stop at nothing with this DJ Beat function.

Power and sound to move the party

Upgrade your sound system with Samsung’s Giga Sound Beat and Powerful Sound. The Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System is the perfect sound system to have a blast. Powerful Sound features ultra-high wattages that promise to deliver an earth-shaking sound experience while Giga Sound Beat’s superior performance is aimed at delivering mesmerizing sound that will bring you to your feet. Plus, its super deep bass and pristine clear high-frequency levels produce sound quality that you can feel in your bones you as your favorite track is playing.

Transform your living room to a stadium

The Samsung Mini Component System comes with a feature that is sure to make you feel that you’re in the midst of a cheering crowd at a football game. The new Caster EQ enhances the clarity of each commentator while the Stadium EQ lets you experience all the shouts and cheers of the gamefrom your living room. Enjoy the game without the hassle of going there.

Make your music into MP3s easily

Enjoy fast and flexible MP3 creation from a range of audio sources. With the built-in EZ MP3 Maker, you can use your audio system tomake high-quality MP3 files via CD ripping or recording from FMradio and AUX input. With a suitable cable, you can even connect a turntable and transfer vinyl records into digital media. It’s easyto convert your music collection into this convenient modern format.

Don't stop the music

With the Samsung Mini Component, you will never be without music. With theUSB CD auto change function, music is always with you. It automatically switches between your CD and USB when music stops on either one, leaving you to have fun at your party. Now your party will never end!

Transfer the data between 2 USBs easily

You don’t need any hassles in transferring the data in one USB toanother one. Samsung Audio System’s ‘Port to Port copy’ feature brings the convenience to your life by transferring data between 2 USBs without connecting any wires.

Don't miss your favorite radio program even when you are away

Enjoy your favorite radio program once you have Samsung Audio System’s Radio Recording Timer feature. By letting your audio start recording at a particular time that you’ve set and record only for a certain length of time as you like, Samsung Audio System allows you not to miss any single radio program that you like. Be flexible with your schedule, not being restricted by the fixedtime of your favorite radio program.

CD Ripping

Take your favorite tracks with you on your MP3 player. In minutes, you can convert your CDs to MP3s with the CD ripping feature. Extract audio tracks from your CDs simply by inserting your CD and pressing the ripping button.

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  • AMP: 2,2 Channel
  • 2.560 Watts RMS
  • 30.720 Watts PMPO
  • 1.280 Watts Front Speaker Power
  • 8 Inch Front Speaker Driver Size
  • 1.280 Watts Subwoofer Power
  • 15 Inch Subwoofer Driver Size

Decoding Format

  • MP3 available
  • WMA available
  • ISO9660 available


  • FM Tuner available
  • AM Tuber available
  • 30 Preset Memory available


  • 0.45 Watts Stand-by Power Consumption
  • 80 Watts Operating Power Consumption

Basic Feature

  • 1 Disc Capacity available
  • 1C-FLT [Dot] availble
  • Slot in Deck Type
  • Grille Speaker Type
  • Repeat / Skip / Search available
  • Search Jog available
  • Dimmer / Display key available
  • Timer/ Clock / Sleep available
  • Demo available
  • Radio Rec Timer available
  • Giga Sound Beat available
  • LED Flash Speaker available
  • LED Flash Volume available
  • Beat Waving available
  • 3D Beat Lighting available
  • DJ Beat available
  • Booting Sound available
  • 22 Hz ~ 20 KHz Frequency Response available
  • EZ MP3 Maker available
  • Crystal Amplifier Plus available
  • Auto Change available

Audio Feature

  • Virtual Sound available
  • MP3 Enhancer available
  • User EQ Available
  • Local EQ Available
  • Football Mode available
  • Sound Modes (DSP) x 21 ea


  • MIC Jack available
  • Mic Volume available
  • My Karaoke Available


  • FM / AM Antenna included

Playable Disc Type

  • CD DA / CD-R / CD-RW available


  • Bluetooth Available
  • 2 USB Host available
  • AUX in (L / R) available
  • AUX IN (Front) available

Dimension & Weight

  • 588 x 238 x 388 mm Set Net Dimension
  • 588 x 882 x 577 mm Front Speaker Net Dimension (1-Piece)
  • 674 x 313 x 466 mm Set Package Dimension
  • 1.227 x 962 x 664 mm Speaker Package Dimension (WxHxD)
  • Two Pack
  • 10,5 kg Set Package Weight
  • 76 kg Speaker Package Weight