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Buy brand new Samsung LED TVs at cheap prices & receive express delivery across Australia!

LED TVs are the latest in HDTV technology. LED HDTVs use LED backlight to replace the standard cold cathode fluorescent lamp used in most LCD TVs. The screen is still a traditional LCD screen, with backlight being the only difference. The LEDs are placed along the outer edge of the LCD screen, to facilitate the projection of light into the interior without increasing the width of the screen.

This technology enables manufacturers to build a thinner TV, which can be less than 2 inches in thickness. Another advantage is that LED TVs consume very little energy, whilst being more efficient than conventional LCD TVs or Plasma TVs. This is a remarkable improvement, which makes everyone who cares about the environment happy that no mercury is used in their manufacture. It should be noted however, that the gallium and arsenic emissions are used in the manufacture of LED itself.

Explore our range of cheap LED TVs for advantages like:

  • LEDs are small
  • They are energy efficient and produce little heat
  • LED can be used in groups so that if one LED burns, the rest still produces LED light.
  • LED TVs generally produce deeper blacks and better colour saturation in general (because fluorescent lamps have a lower output frequency optical range).
  • TVs that use LED lighting can be very thin edge. (Edge-lighting can result in a loss of uniformity in the illumination of the screen.)

Samsung is the pioneer in the LED TV market and has a wide range of products to cater to the needs of all audiences. Samsung specialises in slim line LED TVs and has made their mark as slim line in innovation & design. Some of the Samsung range of LED TVs have 3D capability and cover a range of sizes with some of our more popular models including:

At Exeltek you can find cheap Samsung LED TVs for Australia wide delivery as well as being the leading local mobile phone and smartphone supplier in the country.

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