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A projector screen is often an overlooked component when buying a home theatre projector. Many project the image on the wall in the effort to save the cost or simply buy the cheapest screen they can get their hands on. This is however will not give you the best result and the projector's potential will be wasted. 
Exeltek provides the very best range of projection screens online, delivering from Melbourne across the whole of Australia. Our high quality projector screen reflects the light from the projector efficiently across the full colour range so that you get the optimal contrast and brightness.  They will also provide a flat even surface to view any projected image untouched by wrinkles, creases or dents.
Find all categories of projector screens, including manual pull down, motorised pull down, fixed frame screen and portable projector screen. All of our projector screens for sale in Melbourne are quality tested and picked for their premium quality.

Manual Pull Down Projector Screen

The manual pull down projector screen is the minimum companion you should have when buying a projector. This is the most inexpensive type of screen, suitable for many applications such as classrooms, boardrooms and home theatre. The manual pull down projector screen has built-in spring which retracts when not in use. It can be ceiling or wall mounted, simple and easy to operate. Buy pull down projector screens from Exeltek at cheapest price online without sacrificing the quality. We have huge range of sizes, anywhere from 80" up to 160" in size, in square video format (4:3) and also HDTV (16:9) format, up to 3.6 metres wide.

Motorised Projector Screen

Motorised screens have a built-in motor which enables the screen to go up, down or stop in any position during operation. Usually controlled by wall switch, remote control or in-line switch depending on the model. The benefits of the motorised projector screen are the screen's movement is regulated by the motor so that the screen smoothly rolls up and rolls down, avoiding risk of damage by snapping or rolling too fast as in manual pull down screens. In some models, remote control is available for easy and convenient operation. Exeltek sells a wide range of models to suit all applications and budgets.

Portable Projector Screen

Fast set up, Choice of models* Economical tripod screens up to 2.4m wide* Carpeted case for the rental market* Large tripod stands for extra stability in all models.* Professional appearance for business presentations for Jetset and road warriors.

Fixed Wall Mounted Projector Screen

Fixed front projection screens are popular for home cinema.
Permanently tensioned screen surface.
Perfectly flat surface. Simple to assemble and mount. Wide borders for optimum video viewing.

Ceiling Recessed

Hide Away is a Recessed Ceiling motor screen design, with a motorised case opening closure to completely hide the screen. When the remote is pressed, the closure panel opens & then the screen descends. When finished, the screen retracts & the opening is automatically covered by the closure.

Projector Screens

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