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Yamaha EPH-100

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  • Yamaha EPH-100

Yamaha EPH-100 In-Ear Headphones / Earphones

Genuine Yamaha Product

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Genuine Australian model with 1 Year Official Manufacturer's Warranty in Australia, from an Australian retailer!

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Quick Overview:

The EPH-100 is Yamaha's top of the range in-ear headphones which delivers high performance sound via a powerful 6mm super-compact Neodymium based driver which can be inserted straighter and closer to the eardrum than ordinary earphones. This allow you to hear pure, low distortion sound without unwanted sound reflection.

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"Yamahas provide good dynamics and a moderate bass boost. So far the best closed dynamic driver based IEMs I've tried" - James444 @ head-fi.org #7981085

"I found myself noticing people moving and coughing, nothing off putting actually it added to the realism, these really sound like you are there at the event" - Huxley @ head-fi.org #8029046

"these are VERY comfortable" - Nulliverse @ head-fi.org #8091760

"I'm listening to songs I didn't like before and I'm loving the experience" - Miow @ head-fi.org #8095371

" Adele's "Many Shades of Black" makes EVERY other iem I've heard sound congested and slightly bloated. Not the Yamaha. I think everyone who own this iem should go listen to the song on their iems. then on the Yamaha. Amazing" - eke2k6 @ head-fi.org #8109458

" I have to say, the more I listen to these, the more I like them" - Gilly87 @ head-fi.org #8129443

Brass body construction delivers clear sound with sharp definition

The EPH-100 body is made of high quality brass, similar to that used in Yamaha trumpets, which helps to minimise sound loss. Air outlet holes in the driver unit and exterior ensure a design achieving optimum sound emission with sharp definition.

Isolate yourself

Allowing you to enjoy your music in private, each ear-piece features a double lip design to ensure a firm fit while also acting as a noise-isolating feature.

The EPH-100 features a 6mm (1/4”) diameter super-compact driver that can be inserted straighter and closer to the eardrum than ordinary earphones. This allows you to hear pure, low-distortion sound without unwanted sound reflections. You enjoy natural, accurate reproduction with all sound sources.

Five ear-pad sizes for maximum comfort

A choice of five ear-pad sizes ensure a firm fit in your ear. Customising the size of the ear-pad also delivers maximum comfort as you enjoy your music.

The detail is in the sound. Music can evoke emotion, and the EPH-100 facilitates this by revealing the subtlest nuances including the sound of a violin bow against its strings, the valves on a trumpet moving, and even a performer’s breath during a performance.



Luxurious design thanks to brass cutting process and nickel-chrome plating

The body is formed of precision cut brass and covered with nickel-chrome plating that is resistant to scratching and corrosion. Both the design and texture convey the sense of luxury. Tangle-resistant cable with smart cable holder When not in use, the EPH-100 utilises a smart cable holder to prevent tangling of the cable. In addition, the cable is made of material that resists kinking or curling – essential when carrying the earphones in a bag or pocket.


1 Year Yamaha Australia Warranty

"Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification"

*Stock availability indicator is a guide only. whilst we try our best to make it as accurate as much as possible, sometimes discrepancy occurs due to system errors or missing stock. Some of our products are also warehoused offsite. If you wish to collect from our store or needing the item urgently, please kindly give us a call prior to your visit so we may confirm it for you."

  1. Good earphones Review by Dmitry Kryuchkov

    Yamaha EPH-100 are nearly perfect earphones. Great deep bass, but without excess (didn't really like Shure SE215 because of that) - which is fantastic. Mids are very clear and accurate and perfect highs, which seemed a bit overpowered at first, but now either earphones burned in or my ears got used to them and now these earphones produce simply amazing sound.
    There is a thing though I'd like to change about these earphones. As the earphones have symmetrical cord (I loved asymmetrical cord in Sennheiser CX300-II) and because of design features, they produce fair amount of rubbing noise when walking, therefore either a clip or asymmetrical cord would make sense.
    Overall, Yamaha EPH-100 are a great value for money and I really enjoy listening to music when I'm wearing them. Exeltek did am excellent job to bring them to Australia and keeping them affordable at the same time. (Posted on 29/01/2014)

  2. Pretty good price and nice iem. Review by Praveen

    Pretty good price and nice iem. (Posted on 6/01/2014)

  3. Ahhhhh Sound of Happiness - THANK YOU EXELTEK!!! Review by Kae

    I was only reading up on this Yamaha EPH100 1.5 days ago, and I just can't believe I am listening to some beautiful music with it on a sunny winter's day up in Sydney the next day... Plenty said regarding the earbuds and five stars all around (if you've arrived directly here from Google, you know what you are doing and what you can expect!), so here are all my 15 stars to Exeltek :-D (Posted on 24/07/2013)

  4. Great earphone at a great price Review by Julian

    These are excellent earphones. I like them better than my previous Phonak Audeo - they fit better (less prone to coming out) and the sound quality is strong in all areas. Exeltek's price was the best I could find. (Posted on 18/07/2013)

  5. Excellent. Review by Sammie

    Very good price, looked around other places but found the cheapest price here. Best deal (Posted on 24/04/2013)

  6. Bass, easy, listen all day, robust. Review by Aus_Roh

    These headphones are like having a speaker box on each side of your ears. They have strong bass, not the bloated type, but rather enjoyably present, even and deep, how you would like it, and how most speakers would be set. It took a while to appreciate this as I had to find the time to carefully test all ear fittings. My best earpad (2nd smallest) just fits in with only an edge seal, but that is adequate. It took a while for these to settle in first for the bass, and later a longer time for the whole music spectrum to feel real. These headphones are renowned in dubstep circles as the best. Because of these headphones I have discovered and now surprisingly like this genre of music. I think dubstep on most headphones would be rather crappy as proper deep articulate bass is absolutely essential. I bought these as I was disappointed in the upmarket bank-breaker best Shure SE535SE. Like the Yamaha’s I eventually realised they need special attention for a specific bass seal. It’s true that the SE5355(SE) are clearer above the bass, but they have a bloated midrange section. To me that is as bad as a cheap bloated bass. For proper reproduction (and deep clear bass) the SE535 need to be loud. They cause my ears to ring, they are only for short (damaging) listening periods. The true beauty of the Yamaha EPH-100 is that they sound the same at all levels, the bass is always nicely there. You can listen to these all day, like have the radio on all day, without problems. And they are very easy to take on and off (unlike the Shures SEs). They block external sound adequately, and I don’t believe they leak sound to disturb others – at least for commuting & working offices. Perhaps in a deadly silent room they may be able to be heard. They are light & small, and easily fit in my top pocket. They are metal buds and seem physically robust. I’ve still kept the Shures, but I only use these Yamaha’s now. Note, if you have a device that normally needs the volume way up, these headphones may not be sensitive enough. They may not fit well in some tiny ear holes. If you jog and listen to quiet type of music there may be too much lead noise. The leads aren’t detachable so time will tell how long they will last. If they fit your ear, these headphones are most recommended for all music & audio types that have any bass notes/reproduction. These are essential headphones for extended listening sessions, bass important music, and if you want to listen at soft to loud volumes. I believe Exeltek offer the best price in the world for Aussies. (Four month ownership at writing.) Thanks Exeltek.
    (Posted on 10/03/2013)

  7. Mind Blowing Review by Richard

    I'm not new to the audiophile kingdom and these are by far the best earphones I've ever tried for under $200 . I'm far more impressed with these than me last pair of Sennheiser IE7's which used to sell for around $400. These are well worth a try. I've had them for about 3 weeks now and they have warn in very nicely. Try listening to some FLAC audio files with them. At $99 they are a steal. I believe they retail in the US for $199. (Posted on 28/01/2013)

  8. These Yamaha earphones are fantastic! Review by Wendy Monson

    I bought these earphones as the earbuds that came with my IPod were driving me crazy falling out all the time!! These Yamaha earphones are fantastic as you can adjust the size of the earphones to suit your ears (and they rarely fall out!!). Also, they work like earplugs, and block out a lot more external noise. And what's more, my IPod now sounds 10 times better!! Wish I had bought some of these years ago - would recommend to anyone!! (Posted on 20/11/2012)

  9. These headphones are great. Review by Savas Pourouti

    These headphones are great. I have tried many different types of IEM's in the past ... and have used the likes of the Sennheisser CX-400 MkII's, CX-880's, the Klipsch S4's and overall I like the Yamaha EPH-100's IEM's better than any other IEM I have heard/used before. They are excellent value for money and there is little to no compromise across the park. Excellent Bass, great Mids, and Good Highs. The soundstage is good for an IEM and the overall sound seem well seperated (no bleeding of bass, etc into Mids for example). Highly recommended but like all IEM's of this type you need to keep them clean (wax free) for optimal performance. (Posted on 31/08/2012)

  10. I'm not an audiophile so do not feel competent to give an in depth discussion about the sound. Review by Ian Stephenson

    I'm not an audiophile so do not feel competent to give an in depth discussion about the sound. All I can say is that I am enjoying them more than the Etymotic ER-4P IEMs that these replaced. If you want to read extensive comments about the EPH-100 then check out this site http://www.head-fi.org/t/577712/yamaha-eph-100.

    Exeltek are selling these for a great price. I have not been able to find better value from an Australian vendor with the benefit of local support.

    One final comment. I have smallish ears however the small size tips fit well enough to sleep in, something that I couldn't do with the Etymotics. Also they feel like they are well made with the body made of aluminium rather than plastic. The only negative comment I can make is that these do not come with a mobile phone enabled cable. You can't plug them into your phone and when receiving a call mute the sound chat without removing the earphones.
    (Posted on 9/08/2012)

  11. The Yamaha EPH100 is a very nice in ear headphone. Review by Morgan Richards

    The Yamaha EPH100 is a very nice in ear headphone. Excellent isolation, instrument seperation and clarity. Bass is solid and well controlled after some use and the treble is detailed but not fatiguing. Mids are outstanding.

    Worth more than the full price and a steal on special! (Posted on 3/05/2012)

  12. Excellent Product, good value. Review by Paul Fleming

    Excellent Product, good value. Great Sound. Delivered quickly and packed well.
    (Posted on 1/05/2012)

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Driver Type Dynamic, Closed
Driver Unit Φ6 mm (1/4”)
Impedance 16 ohms
Sound Pressure Level 104 dB ±3 dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Weight (with Cable) 13.5 g (0.46 oz)
Cable Length 1.2 m (47-1/4”)
Connectors 3.5 mm (1/8”) L-type mini stereo, 6.3 mm (1/4”) stereo

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